The Rife Machine Report

Frequency Generators

This frequency generator list only has those frequency generators that have the ability to output all of Dr. Rife's Primary frequencies from 139,200 Hertz to 1,607,450 Hertz or the higher harmonics of Dr. Rife's primary frequencies used in the original 1938-1939 Rife Ray #5 or Beam Ray Clinical machine. The original Rife Ray #5 or Beam Ray Clinical machine was built by Dr. Rife's engineer, Philip Hoyland for Dr. Rife back in 1936. If any frequency generator cannot output all of Rife's original primary frequencies then it will not be listed here.

There are some companies, not included in this list, which allow their distributors to use very negative sales practices. They try to discredit other companies and their equipment untruthfully. It has been our experience that companies that conduct themselves in this manor are usually are not the type of company that you will want to purchase from. For this reason we cannot recommend them to anyone and do not put this company and its equipment on this list. We believe that there needs to be high ethical standards for a company to be put on this list. Those companies we have included in our list conduct themselves in an ethical manner. If you go to any web site, no matter what they are selling, and find that they are attacking other company’s equipment or products, then you know that you are dealing with people that have very low standards. A good company will be very positive about their equipment or products which they sale and will not attack their competitors in negative ways.

One of the first things you will notice is that none of the frequency generators in the this list are called "Rife Machines" by their manufacturers. In reality there is no such thing as a "Rife Machine" since Dr. Rife used the avaliable frequency generating equipment or concepts of his day. Just because many manufacturers call their frequency generators "Rife Machines" does not mean they can output Dr. Rife's original frequencies. It is buyer beware. Either a frequency generator has the correct frequency range or it does not. People do not want to purchase an inferior frequency generator that cannot output all of Dr. Rife's original frequencies. They also want to pruchase equipment from honest and ethical companies.

You will notice, when looking at various frequency generators, that some are not very user friendly, but will work. Look for those that have memory for storing frequencies and have the ability to do frequency sweeps. Power is also an important feature and we have listed the power next to each instrument. Some may be able to output Dr. Rife's frequencies, but with not enough power to really work well. A good power range is 1 to 2 watts out of the generator or 50 to 100 volts. Any voltage can be measured in watts but some companies sell additional amplifiers that increase the power up to 9 or 10 watts. RF (Radio Frequency) gas filled Ray tube instruments are what Dr. Rife used and they are the most powerful, but they cost more.

Please keep in mind that radio station power output is measured in RF watts. RF watts is a standard unit of measurement used by the industry giving the power output of any device using RF. Dr. Rife used this same measurement method with his instruments.

IMPORTANT: Almost all of the gas tube frequency generators on the market today do not use RF and do not have the ability to output Dr. Rife's original frequencies. The same standard is used on these gas filled Ray tube instruments. If they cannot output Dr. Rife's original frequencies then they are not included in this list.

Just do a search with google or any other search engine to find the websites of the various frequency generators listed below.

Frequency generators that have the abilty to output all of Rife's high RF frequencies (with gas filled light tube).

GB4000 & M.O.P.A Amplifier (103 RF watts RMS average power 207 peak power)

Frequency generators that have the ability to output all of Rife's frequencies and his higher harmonic frequencies which Philip Hoyland used to 20,000,000 hertz (without gas filled light tube).

Agilent 33210A (0.20 watts)

B&K 4040a (0.20 watts)

Fluke 271 (0.20 watts)

GB4000 (2.7 watts RMS power 5.4 watts peak) with SR-4 RF (Radio Frequency) Amplifier (15 watts RMS power 30 watts peak)

F-165 (1.65 watts)

F-175 (1.65 watts)

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