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September 23, 1938

Great Interest Is Shown in New Rife Ray

Great Interest Is Shown in New Rife Ray
Lemon Grove, California, Friday, September 23, 1938

Visualize a metal cabinet, somewhat larger than radio, with a nickel plated arm projecting from the top. At the end of the nickel arm is a very scientific looking large glass bulb [ray tube]. When certain dials are turned a film of violet flame, or light, plays over the filament, after the manner of the gas in a neon tube. Hold your palm against the flow of light and you can feel a gentle tingling sensation.

This is the Rife Ray, developed in the laboratory of Dr. Royal Rife, on Point Loma, after many years of patient scientific labor. The machine [Rife Machine] is intended to destroy a host of microbes and disease producing organisms which have plagued mankind since the dawn of time.

The mechanism of the cabinet is sealed against inspection and few men beside Dr. rife understand its principal. However the general idea is that the Ray [Rife Ray] produces vibrations of a frequency which instantly destroys many kinds of bacteria without affecting human tissue. Will the Rife Ray do these things? Rife is a scientist of..............

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