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Rifevideos funds this site by selling videos about Dr. Rife. We also sell accessories such as metal hand held cylinders or electrodes and wires to those who have purchased frequency generators from other companies. Some of our customers have asked us what the difference is between using metal hand cylinders and hand held ray tubes. This article has been written to explain the difference between the two methods of delivering frequencies. The whole purpose of this page is to show how both methods work using proven methods of testing. In no way should anyone take this page to be negative about either method. This is not what this page was written for. We understand that many people are spending from $1700.00 dollars to over $5000.00 for equipment so they are most likely to be those who really want to know the differences in using these two methods.

Metal Hand Held Cylinder Electrodes
Hand Held Ray Tubes

Most people want to know, in simple terms, the difference between metal hand cylinders and hand held ray tubes. They also want to know which method is the most efficient. There is a long technical answer which requires the documented information and the scientific tests which verify which method transfers the greatest amount of power. If you want the long answer then click on the link below and it will take you to the page that has all of this documented information. If you want the short answer then keep on reading this page and we will explain it in simple to understand terms.

Click here for Metal hand cylinders or hand held ray tubes full document.

Metal hand cylinders will deliver 100% of the energy put into them from a frequency generator to the person holding them in direct contact with their skin. The reason they will do this is because they are almost a perfect conductor. Think of it in this manner. Metal hand cylinders are made of metal like the electrical wiring in your home. The electric company gives you 220 volts to your breaker box so that you can run either 220 volts or 110 volts to your appliances. Because the copper wire used in your home is almost a perfect conductor the same amount of power or energy can be delivered to your home using the electrical wiring. That electrical wiring is basically 100% efficient. For this reason all the power output from a frequency generator to metal hand cylinders will be received by the person holding the metal cylinders. For this reason metal hand cylinders will deliver all of the power or energy output by the frequency generator to the person holding them in their hands.

Hand held ray tubes are different. They are made of glass. Glass is an insulator and this is the reason Dr. Rife used a glass ray tube. His ray tube instruments output 50 to 75 watts of RMS (RMS is true power) power to the ray tube. If 50 watts of power (100 watts peak power) was put into metal hand cylinders it may kill the person holding them. At the very least it would give the person severe RF (Radio Frequency) burns. If you put that same 50 watts RMS or 100 watts peak power into a ray tube and a person touched the glass no harm will come to them. This is because the glass is an insulator and protects the person from being harmed. This is the main reason why Dr. Rife used a glass ray tube.

Now let’s consider the concept of holding two hand held ray tubes. Frequency generators that use two hand held ray tubes work on a unique method. They alternate the power back and forth between the two ray tubes. This reversing of the polarity causes a very intense magnetic field between the two hand held ray tubes. If a person holds one ray tube in each hand then the intense field will travel through the body of the person holding them. There is one limiting factor that most people do not understand when using this method. Since glass is an insulator it does not work like a metal conductor which is about 100% efficient. The most powerful of the hand held ray tube instruments sold today puts 19 watts of RMS power (or 38 watts peak power) into its hand held ray tubes. The voltage going into the ray tubes is about 10,000 volts. But when you measure the voltage on the surface of the glass ray tube, using an oscilloscope, it is about 4,700 volts.

This is just over a 50% drop in the power or voltage that was put into the ray tubes from the frequency generator. Since it is scientifically impossible to receive more power or energy than is on the surface of a conductor then only about 9.5 watts RMS will go into (4,700 volts) the person holding the hand held ray tubes through direct contact with the skin of the body. This is why glass hand held ray tubes are only about 50% efficient and metal hand cylinders are about 100% efficient. This is without exception with all metal hand cylinders and all glass hand held ray tubes regardless of what people may claim.

For the reasons explained metal hand cylinders are twice as efficient as hand held ray tubes. Because of what has been explain a hand held ray tube instrument needs to be over twice as powerful as a metal hand cylinder instrument to deliver the same amount of power.

If you would like to read the full explanation which gives the documents and test data proving what has been explained you can click on the link below.

Click here for Metal hand cylinders or hand held ray tubes full document.

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