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Los Angeles Times
May 18, 1940

New Cancer Foe Hailed, Powerful Ray Credited With Killing Germs

New Cancer Foe Hailed

Powerful Ray Credited With Killing Germs, Homeopathic Group Told

Powerful Radio Ray Called New Enemy of Cancer Germs

Homeopathic Convention Gathering Told by Southland
Man How Strides Have Been Made in Fighting Disease

Los Angeles Times
May 18, 1942

Germs that cause cancer have been discovered and with a new high-frequency radio "ray" they have been killed in human patients who then recovered, according to assertions made yesterday at the California State Homeopathic Medical society’s convention at Chapman Park Hotel.

The new progress in combating malignant cancer is said to have been made possible by an ultra microscope that magnifies 31,000 times and by a ray that kills micro-organisms in humans at a distance of 1000 feet.


Both the microscope and the Ray were developed by Royal Raymond Rife of San Diego. He addressed the physicians and showed photographs of the germ which he calls the "B.X. filterable virus" of cancer tissue. Rife was to have announced his discoveries before the British Medical Society, but made the announcement locally because of the war.

A highlight of his talk was that it "is the chemical factor of disease germs, rather than the germs themselves, that cause disease." He asserted that he has succeeded in changing a colon bacillus into a typhoid bacillus and that by in inspecting blood with his microscope it has been possible to diagnose typhoid fever 20 days before physicians recognize the disease.


Dr. Arthur W. Yale of San Diego reported that with the aid of the Rife Ray he has succeeded in curing a number of cases of malignant cancer in which patients had been told they had only a limited time in which to live.

"The effect of the ray on all malignant growths," the physician declared, "is so remarkable that I felt this society should have the first report and the credit for advancing what evidently promises to be the first positive treatment for the ever-increasing curse of cancer and its resultant fatalities."


"For 17 years Mr. Rife experimented with vibratory waves of all frequencies, and he has now succeeded in finding a rate that will kill the different invading organisms of the body. Radio waves, which with their harmonics range from 10 meters to 20,000 meters, are projected through a tube filled with helium gas. They are efficient in destroying most organisms for at least 1000 feet.

"With this apparatus, the patient suffering from cancer can be bombarded with the frequency that will destroy the B.X. Virus. Having used the apparatus for almost two years, I have witnessed the disappearance of every malignant growth when the patient has remained under treatment."


Dr. Yale then reported case histories of patients treated. A woman who had a cancer of the stomach the size of an orange, he said, was able to return to her work as head of a girls’ camp. He admitted, however, that although the Rife Ray, alone, was effective, he supplemented the treatment in some instances with X-rays. A man who was given three months to live, Dr. Yale reported, is now active as a building contractor. Even tubercular abscesses appear to yield to the treatment with
the ray, he indicated.

Mr. Rife alluded to the fact that the medical profession has not yet accepted his findings and remains skeptical of his microscope.


“My work may not be accepted during my lifetime," he said, "but I can't help that. I know it ultimately will be recognized. I have never taken a cent for my work and have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on the research over a period of 26 years. Personally, I have made no formal claim that the B.X. virus is the cause of cancer, but I now believe it is the cause. For no less than 104 times this virus has produced tumor in experimental animals without a failure.

"The cancer virus is, I feel sure, the smallest type of organism, measuring only a 20th of a micron. There appear to be only 10 major kinds of organisms, the others evolving from these 10."


It was asserted that Rife has demonstrated that the cancer germ can be changed to fungi which resemble the fungi of the mushroom and orchid. Rife's present belief is that the B.X cancer virus can be traced back to colon bacilli.

And he thinks that it "is the unbalanced metabolism of the human body that makes it possible for the organism to cause malignant cancer."


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