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The Rife Machine Report-A History of Rife’s Instruments and Frequencies is an extensive 247 page e-book report describing the 10 different instruments built by Dr. Rife or the engineers and partners that worked for or with him. It covers in detail the building of these Ray Tube and Pad frequency instruments and the frequencies they used. These instruments were built from about 1920 to 1985. A must read for those who want to know how Rife’s Machines worked. This document was just updated on 10-10-2015. The updated information is in chapters 7 & 8.

For those who download and read the PDF. version of this report the links to all the supporting documents are only in the online version of this report. The online version has more photos than the PDF. version. This file requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free from

1. The Rife Machine Report-A History of Rife’s Instruments and Frequencies (PDF) 19.6mb.

2. The Rife Machine Report-A History of Rife's Instruments and Frequencies (on this site)

3. The truth about "The Skin Effect" and "Bio-Electrical Impedance Analysis"

4. History of the development of a successful treatment for Cancer and other Virus, Bacteria and Fungi. (by Dr. Rife)

5. 1961 Testimonial Paper

6. 1961 Royal Raymond Rife Deposition

7, 1935 Dr. Gruner paper about the Cancer organism Cryptomyces Pleomorpha fungi

8. 1935 Rife Ray #4 frequency range documents

9. Bertrand Comparets (Dr. Rife's Attorney) original 1939 Beam Rays Trial manuscript

10. 1939 Beam Ray Trial manuscript transcribed for easier reading

11. Dr. Robert P. Stafford's 1963 patient report sent to John Marsh

12. 1959 Electron Therapy report

13. Dr. Rife's Pre-1934 Lab Notes with frequencies including later lab note papers

14. Dr. Rife's Letters. This collection has over 500 letters and documents from 1929 to 1974.

15. John Marsh Letters. This collection will have over 450 documents about Dr. Rife's Machines from 1931 to 1984.

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