The Complete Royal Rife CD Collection

The Marsh Collection of Rife’s recordings
was originally available in a 10 CD set

Royal Rife Marsh Mp3 CD.
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Now in MP3 Format

This is the complete 10 volume CD set of John Marsh’s audio recordings. In the 1950’s John Crane and John Marsh, Dr. Rife’s business partners, decided they wanted to record many of the people such as Dr. James B. Couche and Dr. Tully who had used Dr. Rife’s Rife Machines in their medical practices. They also recorded Dr. Rife and one of his lab assistants Henry Siner along with Ben Cullen, a friend of Dr. Rife’s since 1913. Also in these recordings you will hear Dr. Winter B. Gonin M.D., Dr. Lara M.D., Dr. Stouddard M.D., and Dr. Dickland along with John Marsh and John Crane and others talk about Dr. Rife’s technology. Both John Crane and John Marsh kept these recordings. We recorded Marsh’s tapes and restored them so that you can finally hear these men in their own words talking about their experiences using Rife Machine technology. They are a must have for anyone who wants to know more about Dr. Rife and the men who associated with him. In these recordings Dr. Rife talks about finding the BX cancer virus, the 1934 cancer and tuberculosis clinic, the universal microscope, his work in bacteriology and many other topics. There are over 10 hours of recordings now put on a single MP3 CD which can be played on any computer or MP3 player. The set was originally $89.95. Now that it is on a single MP3 CD it is only $49.95. If you purchase both the Rife DVD’s and the audio CD you can get both sets for only $69.95.
Dr. E. C. Rosenow M.D.
Dr. James B. Couche M.D.
Dr. Richard T. Hamer M.D.
Dr. Milbank Johnson M.D.
Dr. Arthur Kendall M.D.
Dr. Avin G. Foord M.D.

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Click links below to listen to samples off of the Rife Marsh Mp3 CD

1. Dr. Robert P. Stafford M.D. talks about his evaluation of Dr. Rife’s instrument after 18 months of use on many patients.

2. Dr. Royal Rife’s reply to Dr. Robert P. Stafford’s 18 month evaluation.

3. John Marsh's reply to Dr. Robert P. Stafford's 18 month evaluation of Rife's machine.

4. John Marsh talks about how he met John Crane and Dr. Royal Rife. He talks about where thy got their first instrument and the 1961 trial.

5. John Marsh talks about Dr. Rife, Ben Cullen, Dr. Milbank Johnson M.D. and Dr. Morris Fishbein M.D.

6. Dr. James B. Couche M.D. talks with John Crane about the 1934 Cancer and Tuberculosis clinic and his 22 years of using Dr. Rife’s frequency instrument on over 20,000 patients.

7. John Marsh talks about Dr. Rife and Verne Thompson and various microorganisms. He also talks about how they came up with the audio frequencies they used in the AZ-58 and pad instrument.

8. Dr. Royal Rife PhD. talks about the BX cancer virus and the 1934 Cancer and tuberculosis clinic.

9. Dr. Tully D.D.S. talks to John Crane about his successful use of Dr. Rife’s ray tube instrument on many of his patients.

10. Dr. Royal Rife and Dr. Tully talk about E-coli, Cancer and the double bubble ray tube.

11. Dr. B. Winter Gonin M.D. talks about the microscope he bought from Dr. Rife. Dr. Rife’s lab assistant, Henry Siner, talks about his trip to England, Dr. Rife, Henry Timken and the BX Cancer virus’s M.O.R of 1,604,000 Hertz.

12. Dr. Royal Rife PhD. talks about electron therapy, Dr. Arthur Issac. Kendall, Edward C. Rosenow and the 1934 Cancer and Tuberculosis clinic.

13. Ben Cullen, Dr Rife’s close friend since 1913, talks to John Crane about Dr. Rife building his first microscope. He also talks about Rife’s first ray tube instruments, the high frequencies he used, 1939 Beam Ray trial and Mrs. Timken (Mrs. Bridges).

14. Dr. Royal Rife PhD. and Dr. Lara M.D. talk about various infections including streptococcus and syphilis.

15. Dr. Royal Rife PhD. talks to Stouddard and Dickland about how his instrument and frequencies work. Dr. Rife also talks about the 20,000 cancer tissue sections he made and the BX virus.

16. Dr. Royal Rife PhD. talks with John Crane about harmonics of frequencies, killing various microorganisms, and the high magnification of his various microscopes.

17. Dr. Royal Rife PhD. talks about his microorganism isolation methods, Cancer, Tetanus and Leprosy.

18. Dr. Rife PhD. talks with Dr. Fite M.D. about the BX and BY Cancer virus. He also talks about the Universal Microscope controls.

19. Dr. Rife PhD. and John Crane talk at great length about the Universal Microscopes capabilities.

20. John Marsh talks about Dr. Royal Rife’s microscope, the organism’s chemical colors and how they used the colors to determine frequencies. He also talks about his wife’s Cancer, Howard Hughes, Convair, and how Dr. Rife gave John Crane and him an instrument to treat his wife.

21. John Marsh talks to Dock and Charlene Bronson. Charlene talks about her Cancer and how she was only given 3 to 6 months to live. Dock talks about his lung problems.