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News Press,
August 4, 1949

Virus Discovered by Laboratory Technician In San Diego May Solve Cancer Problem

Virus Discovered by Laboratory Technician
In San Diego May Solve Cancer Problem.

News Press
August 14, 1949

A San Diego laboratory technicians 15-year-old discovery of us cancer virus, coupled with recent published studies by two New York doctors and research through the Archibald Cancer research fund at the McGill University in Montréal, Canada, may point to the solutions of man's long puzzle over cancer, Dr. James B. Couche, San Diego practitioner reported recently.

Credited with the isolation of a cancer virus that travels through the bloodstream is given to Dr. Royal R. Rife, 62, who revealed the virus with the use of a microscope for which he claimed 25,000 areas magnification.

Couche, who has been in San Diego for 18 years, made his statements after returning from a class reunion at the University of Toronto. While there and having heard of the claim of a cancer virus discovered by New York doctors, Dr. Couche visited Dr. O. Cameron Gruner of McGill University who had made many trips to San Diego 15 years ago to study the work of Dr. Rife along this line. Since Dr. Rife's discovery, opposition to the virus theory has developed in medical fields and Dr. Couche wanted to check on the present status of the theory with Dr. Gruner.

The virus theory Dr. Gruner stated, has been confirmed through his work here many years ago with Dr. Rife plus additional research at McGill. He said, these studies showed tumorous cancer growths could be produced by Rife's virus.

When question recently, Rife elaborated upon this by revealing how he had, through the use of his virus, reproduced a fungoid organism the same as the one brought here by Gruner when he came to San Diego to study the work. He was able to create the fungoid organism and to distill the virus back again. "All in all," Rife said, "he was able to complete the cycle 104 times and was able to successfully produce cancer in hundreds of animals with the virus."

Further impetus is being given the virus theory of cancer by Dr. J. E. Hett of Windsor, Canada, who has developed a cancer serum from a virus with which he is having success in combating the disease.

This theory, Dr. Couche stated, may also explain why surgical treatment of cancer cases is unsatisfactory. If in truth cancer is a blood disease carried to all parts of the body by a virus, surgery would be of little use in combating the cancer.

However, Dr. Couche continued, "I feel strongly that a blood serum treatment based on a virus foundation as recommended by Dr. Hett tentatively endorsed by Dr. Gruner offers a genuine hope."

"If cancer can be caused by a virus then the old theory that that cancer is incommunicable is wrong. "In fact, Dr. Couche went on, "it was the confirmed opinion of Dr. Hett and Dr. Gruner, that according to the figures published by the former in his book entitled, "Cancer Causes – Prevention With the New Treatment," published in Canada in 1943 and more conclusively confirmed up to the present time, that cancer is a communicable disease by contagion but of low virulence, waiting injuries to the body before invading therein."

The clinic at Windsor, Ontario, after full investigation by the Provincial Government of Ontario, endorses the findings of did Dr. Hett Foundation in their authorization of that clinic. And further, the disease, being conveyed by the bloodstream to where activity starts, makes it possible to identify the nature of the blood in a very simple manner. All that is required are three drops of blood on a microscope slide, sent to Dr. Gruner at McGill University, Montréal where he can readily determine the changes in the types of blood cells therein."

In a recent communication from Dr. Gruner, he states that he has made over 4000 blood examinations of samples sent to him from all parts of the world, with a correct diagnosis of 85 percent of them. And whose findings are recently confirmed by an independent Ph.D. (Biologist) in Union City, Pa., Who, by using Dr. Gruner's method, obtained 80 percent agreement therewith; using patients in that city whose blood was being tested by Dr. Gruner, without him knowing there was a control observer.

Dr. Maurice H. Kowan of Los Angeles, stated recently, "Hett' s work is so startling and revolutionary that he visited his clinic in February of this year and to his amazement, interviewed 72 patients who had clinically recovered from cancer, some as long as 14 years ago. A second visit to the clinic in June again verified the original findings. About 75 percent of the cases under treatment in February were clinically well in June.

In the opinion of Dr. Kowan, the Hett theories deserve wholehearted support. Surely of the many millions being spent on Orthodox cancer research some of this should be sent to the Hett Foundation to further the important work started by him. Eight years of clinical application backs up Hett's statement that the "solution of the Cancer problem is at hand."


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