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What is a "True Rife" Machine?

Rife Ray #5 Or Beam Ray Clinical Instrument

Many ask; what is a "True Rife" machine. Today almost all companies call their frequency generator a "True Rife" machine even though it may not be one. Everyone wants to be a "True Rife" machine and because of this they use his name to sale almost any kind of a frequency generator as a "True Rife" machine.

For any machine to even be considered a possible "True Rife" machine one would think that at the very least it should be able to output Dr. Rife's frequencies using his method. But this is not usually the case. Some machines that are sold today as "True Rife" machines do not work on Dr. Rife’s principles, power levels or his frequencies. This page was written for those who want to know the basic technical specifications and method of delivering the frequencies Dr. Rife's machines used. If his frequencies and method of delivery are understood then it will be possible for people to sift through all the “Sales Hype” and choose a frequency generator capable of outputting Dr. Rife's frequencies using the same method he used. Keep in mind that Dr. Rife said he "did not want his name put on any machine"...because "some quack" might use his name to sell machines. Those who respect his wishes do not call their machines, "Rife Machines".

Why Is The Frequency Range So Important?

Most people want to purchase and use a machine that works on the same principles, power levels and frequencies that Dr. Rife’s machine did. They do not want to find out later that the machine they purchased cannot output Dr. Rife's original frequencies.

The fact that three of his machines survived and have been analyzed will make it so we can combine the capabilities of all three instruments into one general machine specification. Those who read this page probably do not want a long explanation. But they do want the information to have the technical backup so they can verify what is said. The saying "Trust But Verify" is a good policy. On this page the links to all that backup documentation will be included.

The three most IMPORTANT things you want to know about any machine are the frequency range, method of delivering those frequencies and power output. If you want to read about the importance of power click on the link below.

Why Is Power In A Rife Machine So Important?

First the frequency range alone will tell you the capability of the instrument. If a company does not give the frequency range of their machine on their website this would be a good indication that it will not output Dr. Rife's frequencies.

Many will tell you that they use low square wave audio frequencies (generally under 10,000 Hertz or cycles per second) that will produce Dr. Rife's higher frequencies through square wave hamonics. This is not the same as being able to output his original frequencies. A machine that works only on square wave harmonics is not working on Dr. Rife's original frequencies or method. At the very least you will want a machine that can output both low audio frequencies and Dr. Rife's original high RF (Radio Frequency) frequencies since for the same money or less you can get a machine that will allow you to use all of Dr. Rife's frequencies.

Why an RF or Radio Carrier Frequency?

Dr. Rife's machines could either put out a specific high RF (RF = Radio Frequency) frequency (RF range about 100,000 Hertz or cycles pers second or higher) or it could use an RF carrier frequency with the low audio frequencies. Audio frequencies are too low to be radio frequencies (Audio range 1 to about 42,000 Hertz). An RF carrier frequency is a higher radio frequency which is modulated or piggybacked with lower frequencies such as the audio frequencies that were used in the Rife Ray #5 or Beam Ray Clinical machine (shown in the photo above). Dr. Rife's Rife Ray #3 could also modulate lower audio frequencies from 12,000 Hertz or higher onto an RF carrier frequency. This RF carrier frequency allows the lower audio frequencies to be carried by the higher RF frequency into the body of the user. If an instrument is not using an RF carrier frequency then it is not working on the method Dr. Rife's machines used. Because of this historical fact you want to make sure that the machine you purchase has the capability of using an RF carrier frequency if you want it to work like Dr. Rife's original machines did. The most IMPORTANT information that people need to understand is Dr. Rife was only able to devitalize microorganisms with RF (Radio Frequencies) frequencies. No other method was shown to work under microscope observation.

Dr. Rife's RF carrier frequency in his Rife Ray #5 or Beam Ray Clinical machine was matched with the low audio frequencies. The RF carrier frequency that was used by most of the doctors was 3,300,000 million Hertz (3.3 MHz). Any RF carrier frequency in the low 3 MHz range will work as long as the audio frequencies are properly matched to that carrier frequency. This makes it so the combination of the two frequencies will create a third frequency which is a sideband frequency. It was the correct sideband frequency that was used in the Rife Ray #5 to devitalize or render harmless the disease organism. So the key to the correct RF carrier frequency is that it has to be properly matched to the correct audio frequencies which will create Dr. Rife's original higher RF (radio frequency) harmonics through high RF sideband frequencies. This sounds complicated but it is really just basic radio electronics understanding. Some people wonder if Dr. Rife's RF frequencies were safe to use. Below is a link to this information.

Chapter 4 - Are Dr. Rife's RF frequencies safe to use?

Why RF instead of EM?

What most people do not understand is these are two completely different delivery methods. Dr. Rife only used the RF (RF = Radio Frequency) method. The EM (EM = Electromagnetic) method does NOT use Dr. Rife’s RF method. It uses high voltage which creates a high (EM) electromagnetic field. Dr. Rife used the RF method exclusively. It is not like Dr. Rife had any choice. All of his original frequencies were RF or radio frequencies and to use these frequencies requires the use the RF method. The EM method cannot deliver the frequencies Dr. Rife found for the various microorganisms. The EM method is limited in its frequency range and it should be understood that this EM method cannot output even one of Dr. Rife's original frequencies which he used in his original 1920’s/1950’s machines.

Anyone looking to purchase a machine will find that there are many so called "True Rife" machines on the market today. As explained many DO NOT use RF. This includes both metal hand cylinder instruments (called contact machines) and plasma Ray tube instruments (called non-contact machines). Those that are not RF plasma Ray tube instruments are called EM plasma Ray tube instruments. The EM or Electromagnetic method (Non-RF) was first developed and used in the 1990’s by those who did not want to build machines that worked like Dr. Rife's machines which used the Radio Frequency (RF) method. They substituted a high Electromagnetic Field (EM) in place of the original RF method used by Dr. Rife in all of his machines.

Since they do not use Dr. Rife's RF method with these instruments they are limited to a frequency range of about 10,000 Hertz. Using this EM method also means no RF Carrier Frequency is used because the EM method does not work on this priniciple. Dr. Rife used high RF frequencies and a RF carrier frequency with his machines.

All machines including EM instruments use the square wave waveform. Because of the use of the square wave waveform it is implied that it can produce Dr. Rife's frequencies from the square wave harmonics which are produced from using this waveform.

We will now discuss in more depth how a square wave waveform works. The square wave waveform produces harmonics that can go up as many as about 9 harmonic steps before the power level reaches about zero when measured with a spectrum analyzer. Because of these harmonics some manufacturers claim that the square wave waveform can produce infinite harmonics, but this can be very misleading. Yes a square wave waveform can produce infinite harmonics but these harmonics become infinitely close to zero in power output because of the power which is lost in each harmonic step. This fact is not explained.

In simple terms the only way you can produce infinite harmonics, with power, is if you had infinite power to drive those harmonics. So there is a limit to the harmonics produced and the power in them. Generally after 9 harmonic steps up in the frequency range a spectrum analyzer will show that these square wave harmonics will finally become so weak that they will be almost at zero power output. If there is not enough power in a frequency then it will not be capable of resonating an organism.

In order for the average person to understand this we will give a simple explanation using two of Dr. Rife's original frequencies. We will use the BX and BY cancer virus frequencies. The BX cancer virus frequency in the Rife Ray #5 or Beam Ray Clinical instrument was 1,607,450 Hertz or cycles per second and the BY was 1,529,520 Hertz. Dr. Rife could find NO frequencies lower than these that would devitalize or render harmless these two microorganisms. Both of these frequencies are RF or radio frequencies.

So what people do is divide these frequencies down by two, over and over, until they get a frequency below 10,000 Hertz which is the limit of the EM machines. By doing this you will get a frequency of 6,279.10 Hertz for the BX organism and 5974.68 Hertz for the BY organism. By using these two frequencies (or any others produced by dividing) and the square wave waveform, which produces square wave harmonics, it is implied that this method will work just as well as using Dr. Rife's original high RF frequencies of 1,607,450 and 1,529,520 Hertz. The problem is the harmonics produced by the square wave waveform are basically at zero in power when it reaches these two frequencies. The reason for this is it takes 8 harmonic steps to reach these frequencies. With each harmonic step you go up the power is divided by four. If you had a machine that output 100 watts of power there would only be 0.0015258 watts of power in the eighth harmonic produced by the square wave waveform.

Because of how power is lost in harmonics no one should believe that an EM instrument will work like Dr. Rife's high RF machines. If this method could have worked Dr. Rife would have used it because it would have been a lot easier to build this type of instrument. But this was not the case. People should be aware that no EM machine will ever produce Dr. Rife's original high RF frequencies through square wave harmonics regardless of what people may claim.

Because of these limitations EM machines cannot output Dr. Rife's frequencies or work on his RF method of delivering the RF frequencies in the ranges Dr. Rife used. For most people the sole purpose of purchasing a so called "Rife Machine" is to be able to use the same method and frequencies Dr. Rife used. For these reasons the RF method is the only method Dr. Rife used and is far superior to the EM method.

Some also imply that the non-RF (RF = Radio Frequency) carrier wave ray tube method using a high EM (EM = Electro Magnetic) field produces 100 times more power output than the method Dr. Rife used. If you are only comparing the EM field to the RF field method then this may be correct. But this is not a proper comparison. Dr. Rife only used the RF method and it only puts out a low EM field. For this reason there is no way to compare an EM ray tube instrument to an RF ray tube instrument. Even though it is not possible to comparie these two methods some EM machine builders do it anyway and try to represent the EM method as superior to the RF method Dr. Rife used. They try to put the RF method in the most negative inferior light they can even though this was the only method Dr. Rife used.

Here are a few statements that have been made in order to convince people that this EM method is better than Dr. Rife's RF method. A comment will be made after each quote showing how misleading this information is:

(1.) "We are not trying to replicate the past; rather we are engineering the future!"

How can you engineer the future if you do not understand or use the proven RF method which was used in the past? Certainly it is possible to replicate the past in a more modern machine using the RF method used by Dr. Rife. There are companies that have done this and use RF carrier frequencies along with the ability to output Dr. Rife's high RF frequencies. It should be said that it is scientifically impossible to "engineer the future" using the EM delivery method never used by Dr. Rife in the past.

(2.) "We do not use a carrier wave as promoted by some manufacturers. Their output is so poor (often 1/100th of our output) that they use these waves to try to get deeper penetration."

According to this statement they say that the RF method Dr. Rife used is a "poor" method to use. Does this make any logical sense? How can Dr. Rife's RF method be a "poor" method? All radio stations broadcast using an RF carrier frequency and without it radio and all methods of broadcast communication would not be possible. All the great accomplishments Dr. Rife obtained only came from the use of the RF method. This is a scientific fact that cannot be changed. All of his original frequencies were RF frequencies. The RF method would only be a "poor" method if you are incorrectly comparing it to the EM method. The RF method naturally has a low electromagnetic field and the EM method naturally uses a high electromagnetic field. These are two completely different methods of delivering frequencies. The RF method, using an RF carrier frequency and high RF frequencies, covers Dr. Rife's complete frequency ranges. The EM method is limited to about 10,000 Hertz incapable of outputing even one of Dr. Rife's original frequencies. Comparing these two methods is like comparing apples and oranges. Dr. Rife's high RF frequencies and his RF carrier frequency gave deeper penetration than the EM method. The poof of this is the fact that the RF method was the only method that would devitalize microorganisms. Certainly Dr. Rife knew what he was doing and this is why he used the SUPERIOR RF method which is NOT a "poor" limited method.

(3.) "Some manufacturers often have very weak devices that use a carrier wave because their instruments are 12v based and use hand cylinders. Others have chosen to run a carrier wave because this is what was done in the 1930's."

Just because a manufacturer uses an RF carrier wave does not mean the instrument is a "very weak device". Even though some instruments may use 9 to 24 volt power supplies with metal hand cylinder and hand held ray tube instruments they can output power ranges from 1.7 watts peak power to over 30 watts peak power. They also have the ability to output voltages from about 100 volts to over 10,000 volts. The current is limited with these instruments so that they stay within safe power levels. These power ranges are certainly not "weak." It is not what goes into a machine but what comes out that is important. There are many metal hand cylinder instruments that only output about 1/5th (0.20) of one watt and these are greatly limited and underpowered. But it is the use of high RF frequencies and an RF Carrier frequency that has made it possible to increase power levels in the 30 watt peak power range for metal hand cylinder and hand held ray tube instruments. Also, the reason that some have chosen to use RF carrier frequencies is to try and replicate what Dr. Rife did in the 1930's. Since this was the only method proven by Dr. Rife to work, it stands to reason this would be the preferred method to use. Using any other method probably would not be wise if you are really trying to do what Dr. Rife was able to do. Anyone can see that just because they use 9 to 24 volt power supplies does not mean they are "very weak devices."

(4.) "Other researchers have drawn similar conclusions as regards carrier waves being unnecessary as long as the device has sufficient output. The effectiveness of any instrument is demonstrated by the results."

Since there have been no other researchers that have done what Dr. Rife did then any conclusions that an RF carrier wave is unnecessary is only the incorrect conclusions of those who do not want to use Dr. Rife's original RF method. This is just an attempt to justify using the EM method instead of using Dr. Rife's RF method. "Sufficient output" using the EM method does not mean it is a better method. Power is important and Dr. Rife used power levels from 50 watts to about 600 watts with his RF instruments. The Rife Ray #5 or Beam Ray Clinical instrument was the first instrument sold to doctors in 1938. It had a power output of 150 watts peak power or 75 watts RMS (RMS = True power). These same power levels are used today in RF Ray tube instruments and they have greater penetration than EM Ray tube instruments regardless of what may be claimed by EM builders. "The effectiveness of any instrument is demonstrated by the results." This is why Dr. Rife's RF method is the only method he found that would devitalize microorganisms. Any other conclusions are only misguided "conclusions" from those who are trying to replace Dr. Rife's RF method with the EM method.

(5.) "We do not use Sine waves (we use Square wave conversion) with our device since these do not generate harmonics to reach the higher range RF frequencies."

The reason EM machines do not use the sine wave waveform is due to the fact that they cannot output frequencies higher than about 10,000 Hertz. This limited frequency range is lower than any frequencies Dr. Rife used on pathogenic microorganisms. Dr. Rife used sine wave frequencies because he used the higher RF range. Sine waves do not produce harmonics and they would never work correctly with an EM instrument. But as we pointed out the square wave waveform cannot produce real power in harmonics strong enough to have any real effect in "the higher range" of "RF frequencies."

(6.) "Oscilloscope readings of our systems output will reveal a proprietary waveform specific to our research and development, and should not be confused with other manufacturers claims as regards so-called "Correct Wave Form."

Dr. Rife only used sine wave or square wave in his instruments. The high RF sine wave waveform was gated (or pulsed) with a low audio frequency and this would produce harmonics in the sine wave waveform. Since these are the only two waveforms he used, then any other unproven "proprietary waveform" would not be wise to use. This is the reason that manufacturers prefer to use the "Correct Wave Forms" that Dr. Rife's original machines used. All other so called "proprietary waveforms" other than sine wave and square wave are unproven waveforms and are only used as "Sales Hype" by manufacturers.

As can be seen by these six quotes people can easily be confused by all the incorrect information being written by some who promote the EM method. Again we will state there is nothing wrong with EM machines as long as people understand this is not the method Dr. Rife used.

As discussed on the Home Page the Rife industry is full of negative advertising along with inaccurate comparison charts of different machines. There is not one comparison chart that has 100% accurate information on it. So be careful not to believe everything written in them.

A company made a chart similar to the one shown below. In that chart they tried to compare their EM instrument to some RF instruments. There is no way to accurately do this and the information in this chart is incorrect and misleading. You will notice in the chart, shown below, that there is no real distinction showing whether a frequency generator is an RF (Radio Frequency) or EM (Electromagnetic) frequency instrument. Also in this chart only one class of machines has RF Devices after it. Also you see a distance measurement. You see 1 inch, 3 inch and 6 inch after some of the machines in this comparison chart. This information is not correct. Comparing EM to RF for distance and penetration will never give a person a true comparison. RF machines have greater penetration than EM machines and yet this chart shows the opposite information. In Dr. Rife's machine the EM field was small and this will always be the case with RF machines. EM machines, because of the method they use, will always give a higher EM field. If Dr. Rife had used this EM method then it would be relevant, but it is not. The only thing that is really relevant is the fact that Dr. Rife used the RF method and proved its capability in his laboratory for more than 30 years of testing on microorganisms. Anything else is just supposition when it comes to distance comparisons.

Some EM companies like to talk about how they use a Trifield Meter to test the electromagnetic field of their instrument. Then they use this information and say that the EM method is superior to the RF method Dr. Rife used. Because of this incorrect information many people are misled by the use of a Trifield Meter test. They are incorrectly led to believe that the EM method is superior to the RF method. The link below is a video showing one such perfect example. You will also notice that the comments section on the video is disabled. This is due to the fact that people would post the correct understanding of the RF method compared to EM method and this would show that many of the statements made in the video are incorrect.


Using a Trifield Meter is an accurate method of measuring an electromagnetic field when you are comparing one EM instrument to another EM instrument. But it is not an accurate method of reading an RF instruments true output or penetration capability. If it was an accurate method of determining how Dr. Rife's machine really worked then his machine, which had a low EM field, would have never devitalized any microorganisms. If this was the case then no one would be interested in purchasing a "Rife Macine" today. This is not rocket science, just simple logic. Below is the chart showing the incorrect comparison of EM fields to RF fields.

Machine Chart

The next chart, shown below, is a more accurate comparison. You will notice in this corrected chart that all the instruments are listed as using the EM or RF method. You will notice that the EM field only matters if the instrument is compared to another EM instrument because this is the scientific method or principle they work on.

Since the "Radiant Energy Output" of an EM instrument cannot be correctly compared to the "Radiant Energy Output" of an RF instrument the EM method of comparison will always be misleading and incorrect. You will also notice, in the chart below, that the "Radiant Energy Output" of the RF instruments can extend as far as 30 feet. It actually goes a great deal farther than 30 feet but listing this for usefulness would be misleading. The distance of the RF fields are far beyond the capabilities of the EM instruments. This is why in the above chart the "Radiant Energy Comparison" is very misleading.

Dr. Rife's machine could devitalize an organism, under observation, on the slide of his microscope within several hundred feet using his RF frequencies. At this distance no Trifield Meter would read any EM field. But when it came to inside the body he always used the plasma or ray tube within two feet of his test animals. This is due to the fact that the body has impedance or resistance and it takes more energy for penetration. At two feet Dr. Rife's ray tube had a very strong EM field but the EM field is not the main factor in devitalizing microorganisms otherwise the frequencies would not have worked for several hundred feet. Because Dr. Rife was always concerned about penetration the doctors who used his equipment always put the plasma tube as close as they could get it to the patient.

Frequency Generator Chart

What must be kept in mind is the EM method has never been proven to devitalize microorganisms. It is an interesting fact that none of these non-RF methods have ever devitalized a single one of Dr. Rife's microorganisms under microscope observation. This is due to the fact that the non-RF EM method cannot output Dr. Rife's original RF frequencies because his frequencies are all RF or radio frequencies. If an EM machine could output Dr. Rife's high RF frequencies then it would not be an EM instrument, it would be an RF instrument. Again, we must point out that this is not rocket science.

Dr. Rife said he worked in his laboratory for more than thirty years and tested many methods but he found that only the high RF radio frequency method would resonate and devitalize pathogenic microorganisms. The idea that high RF frequencies or a carrier wave is un-necessary denies the whole method Dr. Rife used.

Because Dr. Rife's method of using an RF or radio frequency had a low Electromagnetic field compared to the EM method most of the EM type instruments have limited their Electromagnetic fields within reasonable levels. But one company has claimed that they have increased their Electromagnetic field as high as 1 million times greater than Dr. Rife's RF instrument could output. This is probably just an over exaggeration but they still make these claims. Below is a link to a video of one EM Company that states that their machine has 1 million times greater Electromagnetic field output than Dr. Rife's RF method used.


An EM instrument could be a thousand or even one million times more powerful than an RF instrument and it would not make any difference because the EM method is a completely different method of applying frequencies than what Dr. Rife used.

There is a great deal of information available showing that extremely high Electromagnetic fields may not be safe to use. Many people are concerned about this problem. Below are a few links to websites that talk about the possible unsafe use of extremely high Electromagnetic fields.




Even Dr. Rife was concerned about too much power with his RF or Radio frequency instruments. He limited the power of his instruments to levels of 600 watts or less. The machines that were sold to doctors had power levels between 50 to 75 watts RMS or 100 to 150 watts peak power. This kept the Electromagnetic field very low. His Rife Ray #3 was a 50 watt machine and his Rife Ray #4 was a 600 watt machine. The Rife Ray #5 was a 75 watt machine and 1950's machine was a 50 watt machine. Below is Dr. Rife's quote showing his concern about the use of too much power:

DR. RIFE: “Now this outfit here - the way we have it boosted up here now with an extreme lot of power behind the actual output that is coming out of the thing...I wouldn’t want to use this - or I wouldn’t want to use this instrument here the way it is souped up there for this salt water proposition to TREAT A PATIENT with.”

DR. GONIN: “No.”

DR. RIFE: “You can get BEYOND THE LIMIT [power levels in excess of 500 watts].”

DR. GONIN: “YES, quite.”

JOHN CRANE: “That’s what Dr. Yale did. You see, he stepped it up and up and up…” (1950’s Gonin, Rife, Crane and Marsh Paper #27-32)

If Dr. Rife was concerned about the power levels of his instruments then this indicates that you can use too much power. The higher the power level the greater the Electromagnetic field. From Dr. Rife's statement and what we know about Electromagnetic fields it makes one wonder about the wisdom of using high Electromagnetic fields up to 1 million times greater than Dr. Rife used. We will leave it up to the reader to decide if they think high Electromagnetic fields are harmless. More is not always better. You can read all about Dr. Rife's power levels by reading CHAPTER #2 of "The Rife Machine Report" at the link below.

CHAPTER 2: What Power Levels Did Dr. Rife Use In His Rife Machines?

What people need to understand is a high Electromagnetic field would be important if Dr. Rife used this method, but he did not. The promotion of using a high Electromagnetic field just misleads people into a belief that Dr. Rife used this method. The idea that Dr. Rife's low Electromagnetic radio frequency instrument is inferior to a high Electromagnetic instrument is a false concept especially when these instruments cannot output any of Dr. Rife's original frequencies. The promotion of a High Electromagnetic field should be seen for what it is, "Sales Hype".

Some companies even have comparison lists which show many features which have nothing to do with how Dr. Rife's machine worked. They also use these lists to try and show that Radio frequency instruments that use Dr. Rife's method are somehow inferior. Some even claim that Dr. Rife's method of using RF is harmful or unsafe to use. Below is a link to chaper #4 of the Rife Machine Report on this site which gives the correct information about RF. It discusses these false claims and shows that Dr. Rife's method of using RF was safe.

Chapter 4: Are Dr. Rife's RF Frequencies Safe To Use?

What they fail to include on these lists is two of the most important questions anyone should ask.

1. Is the instrument an RF or Radio frequency instrument?

2. Can the instrument output Dr. Rife's original high RF frequencies?

These are the two most important questions that should be at the top of any list. But these two questions are left out of almost all comparison lists because a high Electromagnetic EM instrument cannot output any of Dr. Rife's original frequencies. RF or radio frequency instruments which have the ability to output Dr. Rife's frequencies are what most people believe they are purchasing when they buy a so called "Rife Machine." Not having this capability is like owning a Ferrari and only having a Briggs and Stratton lawn mower engine. It may look good on the outside but there is really nothing under the hood.

When you are looking for an instrument you will have to ask specific questions to find out the frequency range of any Ray tube instrument so you can determine if their instrument will output Dr. Rife's original high RF frequencies. The easiest way for you to know if an instrument can output RF frequencies is to ask if their instrument is an EM or RF instrument. If they tell you it is an EM Ray tube instrument you will know that it cannot output Dr. Rife's high RF frequencies. If they tell you it is an RF Ray tube instrument then you need to ask another question because some RF instruments are not built with the capability of outputting Dr. Rife's frequencies. The second question should be; can your instrument output Dr. Rife's original high variable RF frequencies from 139,200 Hertz to 1,607,450 Hertz or the higher harmonics of these frequencies in the three million (3,000,000) Hertz range such as those frequencies that were used in the Rife Ray #5 or Beam Ray Clinical instrument? If they tell you no, then you will have your answers.

Also when looking for a Ray tube instrument make sure it can produce an RF carrier frequency in the two million (2,000,000) to three million (3,000,000) Hertz range. Also ask if the RF carrier frequency can produce multiple harmonic sidebands (up to 100). If it can do this then it will work like the Rife Ray #5 or Beam Ray Clinical instrument or M.O.P.A (Master Oscillator Power Amplifier). This was the circuit design of that instrument.

Always keep in mind that RF is RF and EM is EM. It is either one or the other method that is used. Though EM machines work well within their capabilities they are limited in their frequency range (about 10,000 Hertz). If you want a machine that can output Dr. Rife's frequencies then you want an RF machine. Any machine that cannot output Dr. Rife's original frequencies technically could not be called a "True Rife" machine.

Frequency Range Of Dr. Rife's Original Machines

We will now give you the range of Dr. Rife's frequencies according to the instruments he built and used in his laboratory testing. His Rife Ray #1 was built about 1920. He used his #1 instrument until about 1923 when he purchased the Colin B. Kennedy equipment. The Colin B. Kennedy frequency generating equipment was his Rife Ray #2 and #3 instrument. It became his #3 when he increased its power output and capability.

Rife Ray #3

The frequency range of his Rife Ray #3, photo shown above, went up to about 2,000,000 Hertz (2 Megahertz or 2 million Hertz) and with frequency mixing up to about 20,000,000 Hertz (20 Megahertz or 20 million Hertz). On Dr. Rife's pre-1934 laboratory notes for this machine his frequencies went from 16,655 Hertz to 17,033,662 Hertz. Though these frequencies appear to have been misread due to the limits of the technology of the 1920's/1930's some people want to be able to use them anyway. If you want to be able to use them then you will want a machine that will go to 18 million Hertz.

His Rife Ray #4, photo shown below, went up to about 22,500,000 Hertz. The #4 documents give the microorganism's frequency range from 139,200 Hertz or cycles per second to 1,604,000 Hertz or cycles per second.

Rife Ray Number Four

His Rife Ray #5 or Beam Ray Clinical machine, photo shown below, used higher harmonic frequencies of his Rife Ray #4. These frequencies ranged from 2,890,360 Hertz to 3,595,750 Hertz or cycles per second. It also had the capability of outputing low audio frequencies up to about 42,000 Hertz.

Rife Ray Number Five

If you combine the capability of all of his instruments then you would want an instrument that had the ability to output frequencies up to about 20 million Hertz. But an instrument that went to 4 million Hertz would still cover the most important ranges. For these reasons a 10,000 Hertz EM instrument would not cover these ranges.

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