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What method did Dr. Rife use:
A Ray Tube or Metal Hand Cylinders?

Rife Beam Ray

1938/1939 Rife Ray Tube Machine

The reason this page has been written is because some are propagating a false and incorrect notion that Dr. Rife’s original treatment machine used transducers (metal hand cylinders and footplates) instead of a Ray tube. Though the hand cylinder and footplate method (developed in 1957) works very well this was not the original method Dr. Rife used on microorganisms or patients. It also was not the original method used by the doctors who used his machines on their patients. This page with its documented information was written to dispel this incorrect notion.

In the above photo, taken in May of 1938 for a newspaper article, we see Dr. Rife and his engineer, Philip Hoyland, with the first single ray tube instrument which was commercially sold to doctors by the Beam Ray Corporation. It was first built in the summer of 1936. Before the building of this instrument Dr. Rife only used his instruments in his laboratory or in a clinical setting. At the link below you can see the newspaper which had this photo on its front page.

Cancer blow seen after 18 year toil by Rife

In this "Evening Tribune" newspaper article we read the following about the ray tube that was used with this instrument. We quote:

EVENING TRIBUNE: "The waves are generated in a new kind of frequency device developed by Rife and one of his associates, Philip Hoyland, Pasadena engineer. They are turned upon the organisms through a special directional antenna [Rife Ray tube] devised by the two."

There is another 1938 newspaper article that also talked about Dr. Rife's Ray tube instrument. If you click on the link below you will also be able to read it.

Great interest is shown in new Rife Ray

LEMON GROVE NEWS: "Visualize a metal cabinet, somewhat larger than a radio, with a nickel plated arm projecting from the top. At the end of the nickel arm is a very scientific looking large glass bulb [ray tube]. When certain dials are turned a film of violet flame, or light, plays over the filament, after the manner of the gas in a neon tube. Hold your palm against the flow of light and you can feel a gentle tingling sensation.

This is the Rife Ray, developed in the laboratory of Dr. Royal Rife, on Point Loma, after many years of patient scientific labor. The machine [Rife Machine] is intended to destroy a host of microbes and disease producing organisms which have plagued mankind since the dawn of time."

You will notice from the newspaper articles that Dr. Rife used a ray tube for all of his work on organisms. He not did use transducers or metal hand cylinders and footplates in his work. To learn more about the instrument in the above photo read chapter 9 of "The Rife Machine Report" at the link below.

Chapter 9 of "The Rife Machine Report.

Below is a photo of Dr. James B. Couche's Rife machine that he used for over 20 years on his patients. You will notice that it also has a ray tube. Dr. Couche owned two of these machines and sold one of them to Dr. Tully in about 1952.

Dr. Couches Rife Machine

Below is another Rife machine that was used by a doctor back in the 1940's. You will notice that it also has a ray tube.

Beam Ray Rife Machine

All of these photos are of Dr. Rife's machines and they all had Ray tubes.

For even more clarification that Dr. Rife's treatment machines were all ray tube machines we will read his own statement about his machine. We quote:

RIFE:I stood in front of that thing for thirty years finding these different frequencies that devitalize these different bacteria. And that thing [RF ray tube] was shooting on me right here [his chest], but it is absolutely harmless to normal tissue and each individual bacteria requiring a different frequency to devitalize.” (John Marsh Rife CD's)

This above statement of Dr. Rife's is easier to understand if you look at his lab photo shown below. In the lab photo you can see the ray tube to the right of his microscope. This was his Rife Ray #3 machine which consisted of the Colin B. Kennedy frequency generating equipment. You can see the Kennedy Model 110 to the left of his microscope in the background. To see better photos of this equipment and learn how it worked click on the link below.

Chapter 7 of The Rife Machine Report.

Rife Machine with Microscope

The next two photos, shown below also make his statement easier to understand. In both of these photos you can see Dr. Rife with his microscope and the ray tube shown in the above photo.

Dr. Rife with Ray tube
Dr. Rife with Ray tube and Microscope

The next photo, show below, was taken at the 1934 clinic where 16 patients were treated by Dr. Milbank Johnson M.D. and Dr. Rife. You can see the same ray tube ray tube at the bottom of the photo. The rail of the bed and part of the mattress can also be seen just below the ray tube.

Rife Machine at 1934 Clinic

The next photo shows a doctor treating a patient with a ray tube machine back in the late 1930's or early 1940's. You can see the ray tube at the top of the photo in the middle.

Doctor treating with Ray tube Machine

There are many more photos along with other statements we could give which would also verify that Dr. Rife only used a ray tube in all of his testing and work from 1920 to 1957. But we believe that what we have shown is sufficient.

In order for people to have a good understanding of the incorrect information that is being said about Dr. Rife's machines it is necessary to read a few statements that have been made in regards to this subject. We quote:

WRITTEN STATEMENT: "It is our experience that broadcast machines [Ray tube Machines] are not appropriate for Rife therapy, as they were intended only to treat the microscope, in the pursuit of proof for the theory of frequency."

Over the years it has been proven that even a very feeble transducer vastly out performs even the most powerful ray tube modalities for the reason that a transducer is direct, and broadcast, is indirect. There are a great many other things that make the transducer a far better method of delivering frequency to the body.

Royal Rife was a microscopist, (someone who makes and develops microscopes). He is correctly attributed as having discovered what are called Mortal Oscillatory Rates [M.O.R's], or, the frequencies that devitalize microbes. That function of the therapy, has always been best accomplished with a transducer. What Rife needed was to prove his theory. In order to accomplish this, he needed a frequency applicator that would ONLY kill one type of pathogen when precisely the correct frequency rate was reached, leaving every other type unharmed. Thus affording a means to produce obvious and dramatic proof. The ray tube was used for this purpose, and it was powered by the frequency instrument. The frequency instrument was the transducer. The transducer was the frequency instrument. Rife used the frequency Instrument (the transducer) for therapy.

Of course, Rife knew enough about physics to understand that far more energy than a broadcast device could produce was needed in order to achieve the same sort of results inside a living body, where huge resistances would be present. Ray tube promoters were ignorant of these simple facts before they committed to a different paradigm. The only part they are correct about, is that the Ray tube was the part he invented."

It is apparent that those who wrote this incorrect information are not very knowledgeable about the history of Dr. Rife and how his ray tube machines were used. The photos, documents and newspaper articles that we have shown and quoted above clearly prove that Dr. Rife's FREQUENCY INSTRUMENT was NOT A TRANSDUCER. It was a ray tube instrument. All of the documents including the photos above prove that this was the case. The simple fact is Dr. Rife did not develop the transducer instrument. He always used the Ray tube instrument.

What most people do not understand is it was Dr. Rife's two 1950's business partners, John Crane and John Marsh, who developed and promoted this new "Pad" or transducer instrument that used metal disks which were later changed to metal hand cylinders and footplates. What most people also do not understand is that Dr. Rife did not approve of this "Pad" instrument when it was first built in 1957. He openly expressed his dislike for it. He made these statements to his attorney Bertrand Comparet. Dr. John Hubbard interviewed Bertrand Comparet back in the 1970's and below is his statement. We quote:

COMPARET: “And I asked Rife, because I thought Rife would certainly say that the way Crane was working on it then was still using the Rife principle, but he indignantly denied it.”

DR. HUBBARD: "All right, I see. But, getting back, you say that Rife was very indignant, that the machine [Transducer type] that Crane was building was really his [Cranes] idea. I suppose he did not compromise on that, did he?

COMPARET: "Oh no, he just blew up." (1970's Comparet interview papers #32 & 40)

Anyone reading this above quote can see that Dr. Rife did not approve of John Crane and John Marsh's "Pad" instrument which was first built in 1957. The next photo, shown below, is of the first transducer or metal hand cylinder instrument. The metal disks that you see in the photo were later replaced with metal hand cylinders. The fact that it was built in 1957 also shows that the transducer method could have never been the original method which Dr. Rife used. Prior to 1957 only ray tube instruments were used by Dr. Rife and the doctors who used his equipment.

First Pad Instrument

We will again quote part of the incorrect statement given above so that the reader can plainly see the errors in that statement:

WEBSITE: "The frequency instrument was the transducer. The transducer was the frequency instrument. Rife used the frequency Instrument (the transducer) for therapy."

It must be pointed out again that the Rife documents we have quoted clearly show that this statement is not correct. The transducer was NOT Dr. Rife's original frequency instrument used for therapy. The Ray tube instrument was his original instrument that was used for therapy. It was also used for all of his microscope work on microorganisms. All of the Rife documents show that the "Pad" instrument was developed in 1957 not back in the 1930's as claimed. People should be aware of these facts and not be mislead by those who may only be promoting transducer or metal hand cylinder instruments in an attempt to convince people to purchase only these types of instruments.

Now that we have shown that Dr. Rife only used Ray tube instruments we also want to be fair to the transducer or metal hand cylinder method developed by John Crane and John Marsh. These types of instruments work very well but there are a few considerations that need to be understood. The main reason that Dr. Rife did not approve of the "Pad" instrument was its power output capability. If we again read from the above quote it is easy to see the incorrect information contained in it. We quote:

WEBSITE: Over the years it has been proven that even a very feeble transducer vastly out performs even the most powerful ray tube modalities for the reason that a transducer is direct, and broadcast, is indirect. There are a great many other things that make the transducer a far better method of delivering frequency to the body.

John Crane and John Marsh's feeble transducer or metal hand cylinder instrument could never outperform Dr. Rife's ray tube instruments as claimed in the above quote. Even they understood this simple fact when they built this transducer instrument. The following quote taken from their 1959 Electron Therapy Report verifies this fact and contradicts the above statement that a "feeble transducer vastly out performs even the most powerful ray tube." We quote:

ELECTRON THERAPY REPORT: "In the last years this technique [Using transducers] has received new impetus due, on one hand to the availability and tremendous progress in electronic parts and test equipment, and on the other hand, to the discovery of direct application [Transducers] to the body without the need of an applicator tube [Ray tube]. The problem of adequate coverage with this method is manifold as only small areas of the body are treated at one time with a single instrument." (Electron Therapy Report).

In the above quote taken from the "Electron Therapy Report" written by John Crane and John Marsh we see that they clearly understood the limits of the transducer method they developed in 1957. They stated that the transducer instrument was only adequate for "small areas of the body." They never claimed that the transducer instrument they developed "vastly out performs even the most powerful ray tube modalities."

If a transducer instrument could outperform Dr. Rife's ray tube instrument then Dr. Rife would have never said that the transducer or metal hand cylinder machine was not working on his "principles." He also would not have "just blew up" when he was questioned about it.

What most people do not understand is the 1957 transducer instrument built by John Crane and John Marsh only output about 1/5th of one watt of power. If you compare a 1/5th of one watt transducer machine to Dr. Rife's 50 to 75 watt ray tube machine then you can see the clear power difference. The 1/5th of one watt machine is greatly under powered, even if it has direct contact with the user. The main reason the transducer instrument was underpowered was the fact that it did not use an RF or radio carrier frequency which was used in the ray tube instrument shown in the first photo on this page. Some of Dr. Rife's machine's had carrier frequencies and some just output high RF frequencies. Those that used just low audio frequencies used an RF carrier frequency.

If you do not use an RF carrier frequency with low audio frequencies then you will feel the audio frequencies traveling into your body. If you exceed 1/5th (0.20) of one watt of power, without using an RF carrier frequency, then the low audio frequencies will begin to lock up the muscles of the body. This locking up of the muscles can become very painful. If an RF carrier frequency is used then this problem does not happen. An RF carrier frequency is too high for the body to feel or react to so the muscles do not lock up. By using this method the power level can be increased safely up to 15 watts RMS (RMS is true power) or 30 watts peak power. Dr. Rife's ray tube instruments used from 50 to 75 watts RMS or 100 to 150 watts peak power.

Anyone with this understanding can see why Dr. Rife was skeptical of this new transducer instrument with its 1/5th of one watt power level. There is nothing wrong with "Pad" or transducer instruments if the power level is sufficient to work with the same capability of a ray tube instrument. Transducer or metal hand cylinder instruments do not need to be as powerful as a ray tube instrument because of the direct contact with the user. But 1/5th of one watt is not sufficient to cover the entire body. It is only capable of treating small areas of the body as stated by John Crane and John Marsh in the 1959 "Electron Therapy Report." The 2.5 to 15 watt range seems to work the best. The greater the power the better the coverage and penetration.

With this understanding of power levels we will read another quote which has been used to promote only transducer style frequency instruments which do not use the RF carrier frequency that Dr. Rife used. We quote:

WEBSITE: These “ray” machines use a carrier wave, (AM radio broadcast wave) either producing microwave, or the harmonics of microwave, which can kill human cells, and kills brain cells most readily. These machines may produce some limited effect, but the risks greatly exceed the potential benefits they are capable of.

By contrast, our instruments have enough power to treat a horse, and can deliver enough current to thoroughly permeate every cell in your body. These devices are also sensitive enough to treat a mouse. Obviously, what is needed to treat the human body lies somewhere in between."

It is hard to believe that this kind of incorrect information is being written and used to discourage people from purchasing RF A.M. radio broadcast style instruments. None of Dr. Rife's machines ever output harmful microwaves which kill human cells. This is just disinformation used to try and convince people to purchase machines that do not use any RF carrier frequency. The frequency ranges in the AM radio broadcast bands (which Dr. Rife used in his machine) cannot produce these types of harmful frequencies because they are not in the microwave frequency ranges. No person that knows anything about Dr. Rife and his instruments would ever make these types of foolish claims. If you read Chapter 4 of "The Rife Machine Report" on this site you will see the documented scientific proof that this statement is absolutely false. Clink on the link below to read this information.

Chapter 4: Are Dr. Rife's RF Frequencies Safe to Use

Another incorrect concept that was implied in the above statement is that a frequency instrument that only uses low audio frequencies (below 25,000 Hertz) and which uses no RF carrier frequency can permeate the cells of the body. We quote:

"Our instruments have enough power to treat a horse, and can deliver enough current to thoroughly permeate every cell in your body."

This statement is scientifically incorrect. The reason it is scientifically incorrect is due to the fact that are scientific tests called "Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis" tests which prove that this is incorrect. These test have been done for over the past 50 years. These scientific tests clearly show that frequencies below 50,000 Hertz cannot enter the cells of the body. We quote one such scientific test:

BIA: "It is commonly assumed that a 50-kHz (50,000 Hertz) signal penetrates cell membranes and freely passes through all fluids. Unfortunately, this assumption is known to be false."

"The electrical current passing through the body is primarily limited to electrolyte solutions; therefore, the only direct biological parameter measureable by BIA [Bio-Impedance Analysis] is related to the body's water content.  At low frequencies (e.g., 1 kHz [1000 Hertz]), cell membranes impede [Stop] current flow through the intracellular space [Inside cells], whereas no such barriers limit extracellular (Space or connective tissue in between the cells) current flow. However, at higher frequencies (e.g., 100 kHz [100,000 Hertz]), the signal penetrates cell membranes and passes through all fluids [All connective tissue and cells]." 

To read the complete report from which these quotes have been taken click on the link below. The second link below is another such test which gives cell diagrams and other diagrams that the reader may want to look at. All of the "Bio-Electrical Impedance Analysis" tests reveal the same facts about frequencies and body tissue.

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis in Body Composition Measurement. National Institutes of Health, Technology Assessment Conference Statement, December 12-14, 1994.

Bio-Impedance Impedance Analysis by Auguste Louis Thomasset

It can be seen from these scientific "Bio-Impedance" tests that frequencies of 50,000 Hertz and below cannot "Thoroughly permeate every cell in the body." It is scientifically impossible for these low audio frequencies to do this. Frequencies below 100,000 Hertz must be modulated (Piggybacked) with an RF carrier frequency in order to enter the cells of the body. This simple fact means that the above statement is not correct and only misleads people into believing that a transducer or metal hand cylinder instrument which does not use an RF carrier frequency has the power and capability, using only 1/5th of one watt, to treat the entire body of the user. The only way this can be done with a transducer or metal hand cylinder instrument is to use an RF carrier frequency with power levels in the 2 to 15 watt RMS (RMS is true power) ranges. This power range will produce 4 to 30 watts peak power which can be up to 150 times more powerful than the 1/5th of one watt power capability.

In conclusion we will again state that Dr. Rife's Ray tube machine was the original method he used. Transducer or metal hand cylinder instruments were first built in 1957 and they were not the original treatment machine used by Dr. Rife from 1920 to 1957. Dr. Rife's RF Ray tube instrument was safe to use and RF ray tube instruments are just as safe to use as transducer or metal hand cylinder instruments which do not use an RF carrier. RF metal hand cylinder instruments are also safe to use. None of these instruments produce harmful frequencies in the microwave ranges. The documented evidence shown on this page you are reading with its links to other pages proves these facts. Anyone making any other statements implying that RF Ray tube or RF transducer machines are unsafe to use is giving out incorrect information in an attempt to promote their own methods or equipment. They certainly are not promoting the method Dr. Rife used.

For those who would like to read more about the transducer metal hand cylinder instruments built by John Crane and John Marsh in the late 1950's we suggest that you read the following two links below.

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